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Angel of Andersonville combines these areas to tell the story of Dorence Atwater, one of the true unsung heroes of the American Civil War.

Angel of Andersonville; Prince of Tahiti, The Extraordinary Life of Dorence Atwater, is an historically faithful, dramatized biography of Dorence Atwater, keeper of the Atwater List, aka the Andersonville Death List. Making use of the voluminous records of Dorence’s life, including those kept by the Connecticut State Library and Dorence’s brother Richard’s correspondence, the author tells the story of Dorence’s life, from his early years in Terryville, CT, his confinement at Andersonville and his final years as US Consul to Tahiti. It is an enjoyable and informative read.


Don't Dump Daddy in the Flower Bed is the story of the author and her family as they cope with a year long devastating illness of her husband.

Today is a good day. Steve is in the hospital, the boys are sick with strep throat, Misha has a urinary tract infection, there are eleven loads of laundry on the basement floor, the house looks deathly ill, and I was going to run the dishwasher but the garbage disposal is spitting yesterday's lunch into the other side of the sink. I guess it's as good a time as any around here to start writing a book.

So starts the story.  It is a year, no, life long tale of the young family's fears, tears, laughter and ultimate victory over Guillain Barre Syndrome.